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By: Scott Corbett/Principal


We have had a couple of difficult months here at OA.  We have lost loved ones, we’ve had injuries, we’ve had illness creep in, we’ve had traumas, and of course the flu…


What we really had was progress, success, unity, and a team centered approach with a clear vision to “Be the Best”.   Our hard work and persistence created success at many levels and I could not be prouder.  Staff and students both get a well-deserved break next week.   This is a great time to spend with family, unplug from devices, get outside, live life and rest up, as I expect more of the same when we all return.  


Health, Happiness, Independence is my personal mantra and I am a firm believer in the importance of scheduled breaks in education, business, and for overall mental health.   Many schools have taken away breaks in the expectation of higher standardized test scores.  Increased curriculum exposure and total days before a test should yield higher scores seems to make sense on paper; however I believe it contributes to staff and student burnout as well as a host of other problems faced by schools today.  NJAC requires 180 schools days per year, I believe in making those productive, positive, and as human as possible.  I wonder if more schools thought this way would there be increased engagement from staff and students, increased attendance, increased learning, elevated scores, less stress, and more effective schools.  Ocean Academy will be closed February 20th-24th for Presidents Week!