Month: January 2019

Cloverdale Farm

By: Robert Austin/Licensed Clinical School Social Worker & Zach/Student  Ocean Academy students have been participating in a hiking club led by one of the school counselors and an enthusiastic para professional as a way to combat stress, anger and anxiety.  Research shows that hiking has a positive impact on mood and can reduce anxious feelings …

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Privileged Gym

By: Alysha Simmons/Instructional Paraprofessional Gym class is one of those things that you love or dread. Luckily for Ocean Academy we have the best gym teachers in all of Ocean Academy. They invented a great incentive to participate in gym, a special trip called privileged gym. This trip consisted of a bus ride to Winding …

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Bill of Rights

By: Tom Goldberg/History Teacher The United States Constitution is the highest law of the land–it sets the rights and responsibilities of the state, the institutions that make up the states, and contains many of the rights that the American people have.  There are 27 Amendments, or changes, to the Constitution, and the first ten are …

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