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A Holiday Message from the Principal…

By Scott Corbett

December 2015

Christmas was undoubtedly my favorite holiday as a kid.  Maybe it was the idea of Santa dropping off presents for being a good boy, maybe it was a warm house, maybe it was the tenderness my family showed me, maybe it was the candle light church service, or maybe it was sneaking a few cookies from the don’t not touch till Christmas tins each morning that filled my belly as I walked to school.  I did not grow up with much, however as I grow older, I realize how blessed I am.

Each year that passes the blessings become more apparent.   This year I feel blessed being part of an amazing team of caring and supportive professionals that give all year long.  They give guidance, support, respect, encouragement, and provide hope.  They give all they have to promote positive change in the lives of others.   Most of all they give themselves to others, which is the most powerful gift that any of us can ever give.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    S. Corbett