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Art & Soul Exhibitors – Share Their Thoughts

Art & Soul Exhibitors – Share Their Thoughts About Participating in The FIRST OceanCares Foundation Art Exhibit! 



“My experience at the art show was amazing. I love to see people appreciating art the way I do. I am really gifted to have work presented in the community. I wouldn’t have been able to do that if it wasn’t for the staff at Ocean Academy they guided me to success, and as you can see a job well done.”




Zach C.

“I’ve never done anything quite like this before, and it has been a long time since I’ve done any drawing. The last time I can remember doing any kind of drawing was when I was much younger in summer camp. The only thing I really remember from that was tracing some characters from a drawing tutorial esque book. So I’d say that I’ve never worked on any type of canvas before. And it was a bit challenging to find the right type of canvas to where I could erase gel pen ink clearly as well as getting the ink to not smudge. I enjoyed working on all of the artwork for the show, especially since almost the whole school was in a frenzied mob of artistry as Ms. Catalano ordered many  a dollar of art supplies. When it came time for the art show it was interesting to see everything get whisked away into boxes never to be seen again until the show. When the time to go had arrived it was weird to only see a couple of other kids from Ocean Academy. As I looked around the gallery I was amazed at how professional some of the art looked. Overall it was a really fun experience for me, something I might enjoy to do again. 






“I thought that the art show was a nice experience. I was able to express myself in the best way I know how. It was a nice way for students to show people their gifts. Preparing for it wasn’t hard at all. When it comes to dancing and performing, I just let it flow. I just played songs that I know really well and just freestyle and the music moves me.”