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Autism Awareness Month

By Kimmy Wada, Instructional Paraprofessional

April showers bring May flowers – and awareness about autism!   April is Autism Awareness Month.  To show their support, Room 1 has created a bulletin board featuring an Autism Tree, encouraging Ocean Academy staff and students to “grow their awareness.” Sixth grade student, Cody, went around the school to get everyone involved in making their own puzzle piece.


Throughout Social Skills this month, Ms. Alyssa will be introducing the topic of autism in Room one. Students will be learning a variety of facts about autism.  Additionally, students will be learning about famous individuals with autism and their contributions to history and popular culture.  Please take a moment to look at the bulletin board located outside of Room one! Be sure to “grow your awareness” by reading some facts about autism and famous people on the autism spectrum. These facts are located on different flower petals on the bulletin board. Students wore blue to show support for autism awareness! Donations were collected and donated to Autism NJ.