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Celebrity Stories of Drug Abuse and Rehab Stays Make Headlines…What Happens When You Aren’t a Celebrity?

BY: Meghan Corrigan, LCSW

Whenever a celebrity shares pieces of their personal life and challenges, it creates space for us to feel safer to talk about issues that can sometimes feel difficult or stigmatized.  Recently John Mulaney from Saturday Night Live shared he’s checked in to rehab for treatment of alcohol and cocaine addiction.  In the press release, Mulaney said he had recently relapsed after several years of sobriety and how his alcohol use began at age 13 with later drug abuse. 2020 has been a difficult year for all of us- we each are facing similar challenges and at the same time, really individualized challenges.  The isolation of the pandemic, financial crisis, working from home, children at home all the time… are just a few.  Separated from our normal routines and natural supports, the roller coaster ride of emotions has been difficult to stomach.  Relapse is happening for many who have been sober.   And going away for treatment is not always an option or appealing for many.

John Mulaney has created space for two important conversations:  People need help for addiction and substance misuse now, maybe more than ever.  And substance misuse and abuse can start at a very young age.  Let us not forget the pandemic is impacting our youth just as much as adults.  When we start using alcohol or other substances in larger quantities, and notice negative outcomes tied to the use- such as behavior changes, impact to work, relationships or finances, it might be time to talk to someone. Don’t be afraid to talk to kids about how they are feeling and what they may or may not be doing to cope. Help is available and waiting for anyone who may need it.

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