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Congratulations Mr. S!!!

By: Eileen Catalano/English & History Teacher

Recently Ocean County College celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF).  The EOF is a state-funded program to assist low-income NJ residents to prepare for a college career; OCC is one of 19 participating community colleges.  Part of their mission statement reads; “Through access to higher education we strive to improve the quality of life…… equipping students with academic, career and social skills to engage fully in life’s journey.”  The evening was filled with inspirational speakers, achievement awards and scholarships for well deserving recipients. Among the festivities of the evening it was announced that the EOF would be establishing its first ever Alumni Board.  Included on the new board was our very own Mr. Robert Scheiderman, affectionately known at OA as Mr. S. We extend our greatest congratulations and express our deepest pride in OCC’s choice. We are confident that Mr. S will be an effective member of the board.  

Congratulations Mr. S!!!!!!