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Dr. Rocco Speaks

By: Dr. Rocco, with a little help from Mr. Hayden/Art Teacher

Art Work By; OA Students

My life hasn’t always been so easy. Being brought up in a pet store is a tough beginning. I think a lot of animals and people alike have tough beginnings.

So I was in a pet store. small cage. and there was a lot of noise and it smelled like animals.  This guy walks in and hes asking questions and looking very inquisitive and serious and blonde; and very interested in the personalities and hearts of the pets in the store. To be honest, he looked a little like Zach Morris spent 20 years too long on Belmar beach. But anyways, he seemed cool.  I saw him making some small talk and before I knew it, he grabbed me up. I must have left a good first impression. Heck, a first impression was all I had, so I perked up, got friendly, smiled a little, and acted sociable and oh so polite; I think Mr. Corbett appreciated that. So I went back to school with him. He set me up in this deluxe cage with an excellent plant and light setup. I even have a mister so I can drink droplets off the leaves.Tons of crickets. and some kid even brought me some meal-worms the other day. I have the best view in the school. Centrally located in between every room, I see all the action. The highs, the lows. The laughs and the growls. I gotta say, its a pretty unique group. Every day is exciting. I get bored when nobody is around. I love when Mrs. Crosta comes in at 6:50 in the morning and I hate when Mr. Hayden leaves at night.  I love all the love I get from the whole staff and student body. Its nice to know so many people care about you in this school and that I have a place to call home. There is a lot to love about OA. I plan on staying for a long time.