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Ecosystems & Art

By: Kathleen Caffee/Science Teacher & Drennan Hayden/Art Teacher

Biology students have created a one of a kind piece of art!  Not only do they look amazing but the students have shown that they understood the levels of ecosystem organization.  Each student choose an ecosystem type: desert, forest, ocean and freshwater stream.  From there they choose a particular species that lives in that ecosystem.  This species is seen in the smallest plate in the front.  Each consecutively larger plate, shows the next level of organization, the population, the community and the ecosystem.  The transparent plates were used to show how the parts make up the whole but can also be seen as separate components.  It was a great infusion of art with science!

This project required multiple steps and took about a week. The first step required students build a rectangular prism in which the cement would be poured. Once that form was constructed the students were issued graduated sizes of plexi glass to which they applied a stencil and spray painted. The stencils were made from card stock and were cut using x-acto knives. Once the slides were sprayed and cured we assembled all the parts. Symmetrical slats were cut into the form for which to set the slides. Once the slides are set then quickset cement is poured into the form. The cement fills the form and the slides are partially submerged. Once the cement sets the cardboard form is peeled away and the sculpture is set.