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F.A.B. Days at the Grounds for Sculpture for the consumers of SHARE Program


BY Anna Bryant

FAB (Fun Activities & Bonding) Days for the Supported Community Living Program (SHARE) Consumers: The Case Managers of SHARE have holding FAB Days for their consumers for a few years now. The recreational activities that our consumers would otherwise not be able to engage in become possible with self-support and encouragement. These activities promote socialization rather than isolation, an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends, decrease depressive symptoms, improve comfort ability and confidence in a new group dynamics and have a positive impact while creating positive memories that will last a lifetime. Our staff and FAB Days provides our consumers with emotional strength, freedom from Social Stigma, companionship and an opportunity to share coping skills which are one of the most important factors in recovery and community integration.

The newest destination for our FAB Days was the Grounds for Sculpture!

In 1984, J. Seward Johnson, sculptor and philanthropist, envisioned a public sculpture garden and museum in Hamilton, NJ. His desire was to make contemporary sculpture accessible and offer people from all backgrounds the opportunity to become comfortable with contemporary art. To be able to have a more intimate relationship with contemporary art; to share that experience with others in a familiar, accessible, informal setting in nature—

Grounds for Sculpture are constantly evolving collection of contemporary outdoor sculptures. The grounds have over two hundred and seventy large-scale contemporary sculptures, with works by Johnson and other American and international artists. The park’s outdoor collection grows by fifteen sculptures annually.

Our consumers got to enjoy the forty two acres on a beautiful Friday last month as part of our monthly Fun Activities and Bonding outing. As you can see from the pictures they were able to experience art, nature and socialization. “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls”… Pablo Picasso