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Patients’ DNA used in GeneSight test to help find the right medication

to treat depression, anxiety, ADHD faster

Bayville, NJ, October, 2016 — Ocean Mental Health Services (OceanMHS), which offers a comprehensive continuum of behavioral health, substance abuse and integrated healthcare services, is now registered to provide GeneSight testing, the latest advance in treatment offering new hope for patients to reclaim mental wellness more quickly.

People who have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, or behavioral health issues, know that in the past choosing the right medication and dose has been based on professional judgement.  This can result in a trial and error process leading to the frustration of trying medication after medication, often with unwanted side effects.

“I have done pharmacogenetic testing on over 90 clients with Genesight testing.  My clients have had a more marked response and tolerability to medications prescribed based on the findings,” said Kim Fallon, OceanMHS APN, outpatient/partial care program.  “I also find the clients are receptive to the testing as they feel more confident in the choice of medications, rather than trial and error with so many medications.”

Studies show fewer than half of patients with depression respond to their first medication treatment.  With the second medication attempt, response decreases significantly and then drops even further with the third tried medication.  All the while, side effects can increase.

Precision Medicine for Mental Health

OceanMHS recognizes that the problem is not with the patient.  In fact, the patient’s own DNA may hold the key to the solution.

Precision medicine, or personalized medicine, means using someone’s DNA to guide their healthcare decisions. The patient’s genetic profile is used to gauge what medications and dosage combinations work best through innovative technology grounded in science.

GeneSight Test Offers New Hope

The GeneSight test is precision medicine for mental health. It is a genetic test that helps eliminate the trial and error associated with choosing the right medication.

The GeneSight precision medicine test collects patient DNA through a simple cheek swab. The sample is then analyzed using the GeneSight CPGx® proprietary algorithm, which weights the importance of multiple genes to produce more accurate results than single-gene testing.

Results are available to healthcare providers within 36 hours in an actionable, easy to interpret report that helps healthcare providers understand how a patient’s unique genomic makeup may affect his or her response to each medication.

“The testing has helped guide my decision making in so many difficult to treat clients, who have had adverse reactions or lack of efficacy with so many psychotropic medications.  Based on the results, I have been able to choose the right medications for my clients,” said Fallon“Testing is an asset to clinicians in guiding prescribing practices in such a difficult to treat population.”

About Ocean Mental Health Services

Our vision at Ocean Mental Health Services is that the community we serve understands the coordination of behavioral healthcare, substance abuse recovery, and physical healthcare is essential to overall health, and that our quality, consumer-driven services will assist them in achieving wellness and recovery.

The effects of mental illness are so individualized that we look to each person to identify the goals they want to achieve.  Through counseling, guidance and support, we help people work towards their goals. We provide the support and guidance individuals need as they dedicate themselves to wellness and recovery.  GeneSight also can help get our patients on the road to mental wellness faster.

For more information, about Ocean Mental Health Services or the GeneSight test, please visit call (732) 575-1111 or (877) 621-0445

Photos: Genesight Presentation featuring Karie Bernal, Molecular Sales Consultant.