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Join the Movement #GivingTuesday

As you kick off the holiday season with family, friends and shopping consider a gift that Gives Back #GivingTuesday.


This year because of your support the OceanCares Foundation has been able to help the consumers of OceanMHS with F.A.B. (Fun Activities & Bonding) Days for SHARE Consumers. F.A.B. days provides our consumers with emotional strength, freedom of Social Stigma, companionship and an opportunity to share coping skills which are one of the most important factors in recovery and community integration.

You provided Thanksgiving meals to over 50 families and individuals in need served by OceanMHS.

You helped a single mother of three repair her car so that she could continue her education and stay on the PATH from homelessness and providing a better life for her and her children.

Because of you and your support over 33 consumers found homes in 2015.

To show your support please consider donating today. Your donation helps support the individuals and families in need served by OceanMHS.