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Graduation 2018


By: Mike Jr/Student 

Graduation is a time of celebration. It is a time we see our seniors embark on the journey of adult hood. June 14th, 2018 is the day we all came together at Ocean County College and celebrated the departure of our very special seniors. I want to give a special thanks to Mrs. Crosta, and Mrs. Teresa, for putting together one of the most spectacular graduations yet.  A number of our staff members came onto the stage to give a final farewell to our students, such as Doctor Senese, doing a hilarious skit about fishing and handing out bags of goldfish to all of the graduates. Another individual, Mr. Goldberg, sending a final letter of recognition before the departure of our beloved seniors. The aftermath of graduation was phenomenal. Everyone came together for light refreshments and to enjoy the art gallery so graciously put together by Mr. Hayden. As everyone came together they joined for pictures, they conversed with each other and enjoyed the rest of the amazing half day