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Halloween at Ocean Academy!

By: Charla Cole; Instructional Paraprofessional 


Halloween at OA was a blast! The staff and students arrived dressed in their best costumes and really celebrated the spirit of Halloween. They kicked off the morning with their yearly Halloween parade and showed the staff over at Ocean Mental Health how creative, original, and scary their costumes were. The costumes included:Jokers, Wrestlers, Pirates, Vampires, and so many more. Batman and Robin even made an appearance, thank you Mr. Mitch and Mr. Goldberg! The students were also once again able to let their creative juices flow this week and decorated pumpkins in a theme of their choice. They worked hard on them and they were displayed outside and throughout the school.

Now it was time to party! Students enjoyed lunch and a couple of  exciting rounds of musical chairs. Other fun activities included: The Jello and Cool Whip Dunk, Jumping Spiders, Mummy Wrap, Corn Hose, and several more. A fun filled day was had by all at is was a great way to close the month of October.

Did You Know: Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas.