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Hero Melissa

Melissa is Bright Harbor Healthcare’s Health Care Hero for 9/10/21. Melissa was nominated for the award by her supervisor Teresa who wanted to recognize Melissa’s dedication to the support team and the clients at Bright Harbor Healthcare. Melissa’s supervisor Teresa experienced an unexpected absence from work, and Melissa worked hard to assist in covering the absence. During this time of coverage, Melissa herself contracted Covid-19.

Despite being home on quarantine and ill, Melissa continued to work remotely to ensure front desk operations and support needed by Bright Harbor Healthcare clients continued to run smoothly. Support staff at Bright Harbor Healthcare are often the first point of contact for current or potential clients at Bright Harbor Healthcare. They often manage and assist clients with an array of issues that extend far beyond just scheduling or canceling a visit, including assisting clients experiencing difficulties and frustration with tele-health.

In addition to her unwavering support and dedication to her team and the clients during her own illness, Melissa additionally volunteers to coverage staff outages in the evening, often working long days to ensure Bright Harbor Healthcare delivers the best care and service possible. Melissa’s supervisor Teresa said, “Melissa Lentz is the epitome of a team player and I am honored to have her as one of my support staff. I truly believe she deserves to be recognized for the weekly health care hero award.”