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Hohokam Jewelry

By: Thomas Goldberg/History Teacher

The Hohokam were an ancient Native American tribe located in the present U.S. state of Arizona.  They thrived between A.D. ~200-1400.  They created beautiful shell jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants. Many pieces of jewelry contained turquoise.  The Hohokam were also very skilled in the art of pottery, which was used for storage, food preparation, cooking, and serving tasks as well as ceremonial purposes.

The tenth graders got a chance to create their own Hohokam inspired necklaces, combining the elements of pottery and jewelry making together.  Students first painted a shard from a broken clay pot to serve as the pendant for their necklace.  Then, they added beads, shells, and pieces of turquoise on both sides of the pendant to complete the necklace.  The final products are truly something to behold!