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By; Mr. Hayden/Art Teacher

It’s true!The rumors are true! Mr. Hayden used to run around the football field and crack skulls like a crazed Kamikaze. Sometimes he’d even take that pigskin and rumble for big yardage. So naturally it’s very exciting for me to have a student in the midst of his senior football season. Our very own God, plays for the Asbury Park Bishops. As a defensive tackle he is tasked with going toe to toe with the opposing teams biggest, nastiest goons. And as wide receiver he blazes through and around swaths of defensive backs.

The Asbury Park Bishops faced off against an inferior Manchester squad for their homecoming game. Mr. Hayden and Mr. Berman attended the sporting spectacle together. We even had snacks from the Caribbean food truck. The athletes on Asbury were too strong, too fast, too rugged for the Manchester boys. Asbury claimed the victory in front of a homecoming crowd of about a thousand people. Set against a backdrop of a sunset over a lake and transit trains coming and going, the stadium in Asbury is a great place to watch a game. I will be sure to return. Congrats on the victory God!