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It’s a wrap! Capping off Summer 2018 at Ocean Academy

By: John Condoleon (aka “Drama John”/Drama Teacher & Instructional Paraprofessional & Drama Teacher

The last week of summer at Ocean Academy was far from ordinary. It was extraordinary. Extraordinary individuals, students and staff, participated in our annual end of the summer barbeque, complete with Mr. Corbett’s outstanding chicken sandwiches (that sauce though!), playing catch under the blazing sun, and recapping all the fun that was had throughout the summer semester. Two days prior, Ocean Academy students and staff participated in the first “Summer Coffee House/Open Mic Day!” It was a blast and everyone contributed in some way. The students in group 2 helped me set up the whole event, decorating the room, putting tablecloths down, putting desks together, and setting up the room for the highly anticipated event! They did an outstanding job! Mr. Goldberg and Miss Lauren contributed their talents as well! Mr. Goldberg delivered an epic poem on Mountain Dew, complete with Taxi driver beanie and shades. Miss Lauren and T-Money then did an incredible rendition of “Juicy,” made famous by the late, great, Notorious B.I.G. Mr. John then quoted Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky speech, which is a timeless character, with an equally timeless and compelling message. The students performed songs they made themselves, and also reflected on their favorite moments from the summer, and what Ocean Academy means to them. It was truly a great event, and the students moved all of us with their heartfelt reflections and continue to make strides with public speaking and transparency, allowing us to connect with them, in a continued effort to maintain trust and positive relationships. I absolutely loved working with you all again this summer, and look forward to next summer, with more memories, new talents, and fresh coffee!