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Jim Cooney of Bright Harbor Healthcare Announces Retirement

Bright Harbor Health has recently announced the retirement of James M. Cooney, LCSW. For nearly thirteen years, he has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Bright Harbor Healthcare, formally Ocean Mental Health Services.

Under Mr. Cooney’s leadership, Bright Harbor Healthcare has grown dramatically not just in size, but in complexity, competency, and innovation. With the team at Bright Harbor Healthcare, Mr. Cooney led the drive of the Ocean County Human Services community into the future of comprehensive, integrated, behavioral healthcare. During Mr. Cooney’s tenure, Bright Harbor Healthcare expanded services to include pharmaceutical services, laboratory services, physical healthcare, TMS therapy, and a comprehensive continuum of substance use treatment.

With Mr. Cooney’s guidance, Bright Harbor Healthcare became a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic, launched the revolutionary On P.O.I.N.T. program, and received CARF Accreditation in Children’s Services. Mr. Cooney has been dedicated to the human services field for over 48 years contributing to the community mental health system through leadership and direct care.

“I have had the privilege to lead an amazing staff of dedicated professionals who deeply care about our mission.  Day after day, that staff act on that mission and ensures those we care for receive the best care possible[MC1].  I leave my position as CEO confident that the mission and vision of Bright Harbor Healthcare will continue within the community we serve” said Cooney.

The Board of Directors at Bright Harbor Healthcare has completed a comprehensive and competitive search to find the next leader for Bright Harbor Healthcare to continue Mr. Cooney’s tenor of exceptional care to Ocean County and surrounding communities.  Bright Harbor Healthcare wishes Mr. Cooney a wonderful retirement filled with sprawling green golf courses, memories to come with family and friends, and the deep peace of knowing what an astounding legacy of commitment to excellence, innovation, and community wellness he has left to be carried forward.

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About Bright Harbor Healthcare

At Bright Harbor Healthcare, our mission is to offer a comprehensive continuum of behavioral health, substance abuse, and integrated healthcare services to promote full participation in community life. We work with each individual to address all of their health and wellness issues. To learn more, please visit our website