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Lakehouse Music Academy

By: Joe Falana/ Math Teacher

We traveled to the Lake House recording studio yesterday located in downtown Asbury Park.  It is in a beautiful older building along the famous Wesley Lake.  With wonderful views of the lake, the inside has been completed refurbished to include everything necessary for a great musical experience.

We entered the studio from street level and preceded to the elevator as the actual recording rooms are located on the second floor.

There we met Eric,our host who gave an all encompassing narrative on the Lake House.  We then split into two groups and each group went into an actual recording studio. Then each group took turns at writing and composing a song while the other group actually played real instruments and practiced it then played one of their favorite songs.

We said our thank you-s; looking forward to meeting up with LHMA again very soon. All in all it was a really fun and rewarding adventure!