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Mural Painting: The Art of Self Expression

By: Claire Boren/Artist & Holocaust Survivor & Mr. Hayden/Art Teacher 

I spoke at Ocean Academy last year about my Holocaust experience and my art. The students were very receptive and participated until the end of the day. This year we spoke about ideas for an outdoor mural, discussing how they could express their feelings and thoughts through art, using color and words.Several students incorporated the Ocean Academy initials in the mural, which shows their deep connection to the school. I was very impressed by how they handled the whole project. It was obvious to me that all the teachers knew the individual students how to deal with each one. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and working with the students and faculty at Ocean Academy.

The Mural took on characteristics of a number of genres of art. A broad, energetic brushstroke recalls the work of abstract expressionists. The inclusion of words and symbols was reminiscent of graffiti artists. Some students took more illustrative route in adding detailed drawings to the piece. The young artists utilized a selection of bold water based paints. Students were given a chance to approach this artwork however they pleased. The students relished in the opportunity to put their own personal stamp on such an expansive piece. The artwork that was created is bright and full of energy. The diversity of Ocean Academy is certainly evident through the mural.