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National Coffee Day at Bayville NJ WAWA

By: Mrs. Gwen Specht /Instructional Paraprofessional

On Thursday, Ocean Academy participated in National Coffee Day.  Staff members took groups of students to the nearby Wawa to sample the different varieties of coffee and hot drinks.  On this day each year Wawa gives away a free 16 oz. cup of coffee.  There were many other customers taking advantage of the giveaway.  The Wawa employees were not only accommodating to our student groups but also pleased that Ocean Academy had come in for a visit.

It was a nice way for Ocean Academy to be seen in the community.  The trip was also good for more real life social skills practice. Students chose regular coffee, flavored coffees and some even opted for hot chocolate.  The students were exposed to different types of drinks.  The staff were enthusiastic about an afternoon caffeine infusion.  A heartfelt thanks goes out to Bayville Wawa and its accommodating employees.