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Nontraditional In-Service

By: Cynthia Espinosa. Instructional Paraprofessional/Substitute Teacher

Who said staff in-service meetings only required sitting while listening to a lecture? Ocean Academy is not a traditional school and therefore it would be no surprise for the staff to build communication and collaborative skills in a nontraditional way. The requirements for this December staff in-service consisted of jeans and sneakers.

Soon after the students departed the school, staff gathered for a meeting and once it concluded tables and chairs began to move.  Tape was used to divide the room, foam balls were setup on the line and teams were made up. That’s right you guessed it, dodge ball was the name of the game! While the foam balls may have been soft, this game was not taken lightly. Round after round the game became more and more competitive with participation from all staff members. Both teams displayed great communication and collaborative skill but there were no ties in this game. Bragging rights were awarded to the following staff: Mr. Mitch, Mr. S, Mrs. Teresa, Miss. Alyssa, Ms. Malley, Mrs. Alicia, Mrs. Cole and Miss. Espinosa. Notice Mr. Corbett name was not mentioned, better luck next time.

Dodge Ball In-service…