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OA’s Got Talent !!

By: Teresa Salisbury & Judy Crosta/ Instructional Paraprofessionals

Students, parents and staff were entertained on Wednesday May 9th by the talented group of students who participated in our show.  OA’s Got Talent was hosted by our own Dylan, who also performed a song by Red Vox “In  the Garden”.  Our star studded lineup included, Rachel, Jaden, Sarah, Matt, Cody, Chris, David, James, Maria and Mrs. Caffee.   For six weeks the students practiced tirelessly perfecting their acts, which included singing, dancing, poetry reading, guitar and piano playing, and a visual presentation on the history of trains.  The show concluded with Mrs. Caffee and her team of students signing “The Rose” by Bette Midler. A fun time was had by all. To reward the hard work a  special lunch followed.  Congratulations again to all our shining stars.