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Ocean Academy Thanksgiving

By: Tom Goldberg, Instructional Paraprofessional/Substitute Teacher 

Ocean Academy had its annual Thanksgiving feast, and it was a rousing success once again!  There were buttered rolls, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet yams, stuffing, and steamed carrots with a brown sugar glaze.  Both students and staff got their fill of the delicious buffet style lunch, but everyone saved room for dessert, as they were given the choice between apple or pumpkin pie.  

Before dessert, however, Mr. Corbett took a moment to remind everyone about the importance of being thankful for the positive things that we all have in our lives and to not dwell on the negatives.  Each student and staff member then took a moment to share with the rest of the school some of the things they were thankful for.  It was great to hear what each person was thankful for and also to see everyone listening to one another intently and respectfully, it helped make dessert even sweeter.


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