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Ocean Academys’ Presidential Election

By: Charla Cole: Instructional Paraprofessionalposter220x200ffffff-pad220x200ffffff


 On November 4, 2016, the students at OA were very excited to be active participants in a mock presidential election. It was much like a real election process in which they got the opportunity to listen to a live debate featuring two students who wonderfully impersonated candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Two more students did an excellent job at presenting and moderating the event.The debate covered issues such as the economy, national security, immigration,  and the U.S.role in the world. The candidates were poised, prepared and discussed their individual platforms seamlessly. The students in the audience were able to ask questions of the candidates regarding their concerns and the “press” (students and staff) did not miss a beat with their cameras flashing and Go Pro’s recording!  At the conclusion of the election, the staff and students remained seated and were called up by class to cast their ballot.

  At the end of the day, the results were in, with Donald Trump winning over Hillary Clinton 19 to 15. A special thank you to Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Crosta  for all of their hard work as well as everyone who played a part in making this day possible. It was an awesome experience!

Did You Know: The Mock Election is a non-partisan, educational event that teaches kids to be informed voters. It helps students understand the process of electing officials and instills in them the idea that every vote counts.

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