Ocean Cares Foundation

Actively collecting donations and hosting fundraisers to assist the patients at Bright Harbor Healthcare.

Your gift to the OceanCares Foundation will help people with mental health needs have access to services and supports, allowing them to live healthier and succeed in their treatment goals.  Your donation will have a lasting impact on our community as we implement new programs and treatments, build capacity in current programs, and support ongoing consumer needs.

The OceanCares vision is that security, respect, and the opportunity to pursue personal well-being are available to everyone, regardless of their mental health status.  Our mental health foundation supports the mission and programs of Ocean Mental Health Services through building community awareness, facilitating community support, promoting diversity of services, and embracing innovation.

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Volunteer Your Time

You can volunteer 5 hours a month or 5 hours a week with the OceanCares Foundation. Help us with communicating through social media, engaging the community in presentations, developing events, and more. For more information call us at 732-575-1492.

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Bright Harbor Healthcare needs the support of the community in order to provide comprehensive services. Your donation will make a difference in the lives of over 8,000 people in our care each year. Make a general Foundation Donation to show your support.