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OceanCrest Growing South

OceanMHS has received support from the NJ Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services for the expansion of our Early Intervention and Support Services program, OceanCrest.  The OceanCrest program first opened its Toms River office in August of 2011, with the intent to see 50-60 people each month.  The need in Ocean County proved to be higher than expected and OceanCrest has since seen 80-100 people each month.   With the impact of Hurricane Sandy, and the expected increase of mental health services in our community as a result of the storm, the program is being expanded to serve an additional 25-30 people monthly.  In an effort to maximize the availability of services throughout Ocean County, as well as assist those who are most likely have experience the mental health effects of the storm, a new OceanCrest office was opened in West Creek.

The OceanCrest program provides crisis intervention and in-community stabilization for people with various mental health needs, such as depression, anxiety, a history of traumatic experiences, and other mental health needs.  When these needs negatively affect an individual’s life, creating a crisis, perhaps creating barriers at work, at home, in other community activities or relationships, or in the inability to cope with daily stressors, OceanCares can help provide in-community stabilization, assessments, supportive counseling, treatment and education groups, and linkages to ongoing services, benefits, and community resources.

Residents can visit either location, without an appointment, or can call to have someone reach out via phone.

Southern Ocean County Office

1064 South Main Street (Route 9)
West Creek


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday:  9am-5pm
Tuesday:  1pm-5pm
Saturday:  9am-1pm

Northern Ocean County Office

1376 Route 9
Toms River


Monday – Friday:  8am-8pm
Saturday/Sunday:  9am-5pm
For additional information please contact the OceanCrest program at 732-240-3760.