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Jim Cooney on Advocating for Change and Driving the Mission

October 16, 2017 – As CEO of Ocean Mental Health Services in Ocean, NJ, Jim Cooney has been an advocate for ensuring quality mental health care reaches consumers. In an ever-changing landscape of economic models, sometimes Mr. Cooney’s ability to deliver on this mission is more challenging than it may appear. He has taken on the fight for better rates to ensure providers can maintain quality services and evidenced based practices in the switch from a contract-based to a fee-for-service business model.

Valant was thrilled to capture some of Mr. Cooney’s time to listen to his perspective and find out what drives him in his work. Before we dive into the interview, here are a few details about Ocean:

  • Founded in: 1959
  • Annual revenue:  $22,000,000
  • Intakes served annually: 3,651
  • People served: 10,000
  • Approximate encounters per year: 1,000,000+
  • Number of unique programs: 40
  • Staff of over 375 comprised of licensed mental health counselors, psychiatrists, APN’s, licensed social workers, BA and MA certified addiction professionals, BA and MA level counselors, care managers, educators, peer specialists, and administration staff.

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