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OceanMHS PATH Program

Progressive Assistance to Transition from Homelessness (PATH)

Homelessness is a serious issue in our country. Depression, untreated mental illness, and post traumatic stress disorder, are major causes of homelessness. With PATH services, our caring staff can reach out to people who are homeless and have a mental illness. We then help them to link to resources within the community, mental health treatment and adequate housing. We teach people how to register for all of these services, so that even when their involvement with PATH services comes to an end, they have learned how to access the resources and programs they may need to prevent future homelessness and continue to improve their quality of life.

Service Provision – Staff works collaboratively with each consumer in three main areas:

Mental HealthPATH helps consumers identify their mental health needs. Consumers and staff work together to develop a plan for continued mental health treatment. When needed, a substance abuse assessment and plan may be part of the mental health service plan. PATH assists consumers in connecting to available services, provides supportive counseling and teaches life skills as needed.

HousingPATH does not have housing, but we work to link people to resources in the community that may in turn make finding transitional or permanent housing a possibility.

Community Resources – Many agencies in Ocean County provide services that can help consumers achieve stable, permanent housing in our community. PATH staff works closely with consumers, helping them to access these benefits and link to these valuable services.

Please call our Access Center at 732-575-1111 to make an appointment or a referral or call PATH directly at 732-349-1977 ext. 640

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