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OceanMHS supported by Robin Hood Relief Fund

Last night millions of people from around the world watched the 121212 concert.  The proceeds from the concert will be used to benefit those in the tri-state area who were affected by Hurricane Sandy.  OceanMHS will be one of the recipients here in Ocean County.

The Robin Hood Foundation awarded OceanMHS $125,000 to hire staff dedicated to addressing mental health trauma over the next six months.  The funds will be used to hire clinical staff who will be able to run groups and meet with people individually to address trauma they are experiencing as a result of Hurricane Sandy.  According to OceanMHS Director of Clinical Services, Kim Veith, “Trauma can manifest itself in many ways.  Whether someone is experiencing new episodes of depression, anxiety, escalating anger, an increase in substance use and abuse, or a myriad of other symptoms, we know that after a disaster such as Hurricane Sandy the core issue they are facing is trauma related.  The sooner they reach out for help, the less intrusive this issue may be in their daily living.”

With assistance from the Robin Hood Foundation, OceanMHS will have an increased presence in the community, making it easier for people to reach out for help.  In addition to providing more clinical staff, OceanMHS will also be available for presentations to community groups and employers throughout Ocean County, in an effort to educate residents about post-disaster trauma.  OceanMHS CEO Jim Cooney comments, “Robin Hood has helped us implement the foundation for our trauma services.  We will be at the forefront of the Ocean County Recovery process, helping people to understand how their mental health may be affected by the storm and giving them the opportunity to feel better and do better every day.  We are grateful to the Robin Hood Foundation, and to all those who have donated to the Sandy Relief Fund, for their support.”