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Old Barney

By: Gwen Specht/Instructional Paraprofessional 

On Monday, Ocean Academy enjoyed its annual trip to Old Barney.  The students began the trip with a stroll down the waterfront walkway.  The walkway was dotted with people out for a day of fishing.  We enjoyed seeing all of the messages and initials made out of rocks on the beach.  Visitors to the Barnegat Light Lighthouse write their messages in order for them to be seen from the top of the lighthouse.  Most of the Academy trekked to the top of the 217 step conical stairway.  The lighthouse itself is 170 feet high (2040 inches – thanks David!)  At the top of the stairwell is a walkway that circles around the outside of the structure.  Even the students (and staff) that admittedly were afraid of heights walked all the way around.

The lighthouse adventure was followed by a picnic lunch in the gazebo.  We enjoyed the sunny day and beautiful view of Barnegat Bay watching the boats going out for a day on the ocean.  The bus ride back to school was noticeably quieter.