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Searching for “Outpatient Detox Near Me?” We’re Here to Help!

Searching for “Outpatient Detox Near Me?” We’re Here to Help!

Hey, Google, find “Outpatient Detox Near Me?”  

If this is you, Bright Harbor Healthcare may be exactly what you are looking for!

What is Outpatient Detox

Outpatient detox is a medical treatment program for adults who have become physically dependent on a substance. If you want to safely detox your body from a substance without having to be admitted to an inpatient facility, outpatient detox may be right for you. Common substances include alcohol, prescription medications, and drugs that can be bought on the street.  

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The Outpatient Detox Process

At outpatient detox, patients typically attend 5 days for approximately 6-8 hours each day.  During this time, patients are assessed by the treatment team, which includes the Medical Doctor, Registered Nurse, and Licensed Clinician. 

Your medical history and needs are reviewed and the entire course of treatment is explained to you. Then you will be able to comfortably sit down and enjoy watching a movie or daytime television while your physical symptoms are monitored by the medical team.

Once your body starts to exhibit symptoms of withdrawal, the medical team will administer medications to relieve any discomfort. You are also able to sleep privately in the treatment room or attend group counseling sessions if you are interested. You won’t need to search for “outpatient detox near me,” as you will already be in a safe facility treated by a compassionate team.

Afterward, you will be sent home with overnight medication to relieve any discomfort associated with physical withdrawal. Moving forward, you will return to the outpatient treatment center daily until your body has completely detoxed from the substance(s).  

Additionally, your care team may recommend medication-assisted treatment (MAT) once substance detox is complete.

Who is Outpatient Detox For?

It was commonly thought that anyone who used substances and struggled with addiction made this choice for themselves and could simply “stop” if they “really” wanted to. However, people continue to use substances despite the negative impacts on their lives and families.

Why is this?

Modern medicine has taught and proven that addiction is a complex disease of the brain. Substance use disorders are treatable medical conditions that impact brain chemistry and behaviors. 

People impacted by substance use and physical dependence on substances often experience involuntary cravings for the substance which leads to seeking out and using the substance despite the negative implications. 

 In 2020, the biggest number of drug overdoses were recorded in a yearlong period with 93,000 Americans losing their lives to a drug overdose.  

Outpatient Detox in NJ

 Like the rest of the nation, Ocean County, New Jersey has experienced the tragic impact of the opioid epidemic. What started as a common practice of prescribing pain medication, led to a staggering rate of physical addiction to opioids and the resulting epidemic.

In 2020, Ocean County had 245 suspected overdose deaths, 891 Narcan administrations and 324,530 opioid prescriptions dispensed. That places Ocean County in the top 3 of New Jersey overdose deaths. The reality here is that addiction is a disease that needs medical intervention to assist people in recovering. This is why Outpatient Detox is so beneficial.

Outpatient detox is for adults needing assistance in detoxing off substances while being able to sleep in their own bed at night or be home with their family. 

Don’t forget: addiction does not discriminate. It impacts everyone from all walks of life. At Bright Harbor Healthcare, we don’t judge. Your wellness, story, and recovery are what matter to us.

How Can Outpatient Detox Help You?

Changes in brain chemistry created by substance use make it very difficult to stop using. They often produce significant illness and discomfort when use is stopped. The honest truth is that often the fear of discomfort or becoming ill can seriously deter an individual’s ability to stop their use. That’s why it’s so important to know what treatment options are available!  

If you search “outpatient detox near me,” you will discover that comfortable, successful, and non-judgemental treatment is available. 

If you are looking for a way to detox without having to sleep away from your home or family, an outpatient detox program may be the best fit for you. Outpatient detox programs allow you to receive the treatment you need with minimal disruption to your daily life. 

In addition to medically detoxing you off of substances, detox centers work to help you create a plan and path forward for long-term recovery and success. Your outpatient detox team will help you develop a treatment plan that includes therapy, supportive services, and medication if necessary.   

During the outpatient detox process, oftentimes simultaneous supportive counseling, recovery support, and family support are offered. Successful recovery is not contingent upon one type of intervention alone.  Instead, it’s a combination of several different treatment options, support services, and effective interventions that ultimately pave the road to recovery.  

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Ready to Find An “Outpatient Detox Near Me?”

If outpatient detox is what you’re looking for, you may want to ask:

  • Is treatment covered by insurance?
  • What is the detox process?
  • Do I have available transportation to get to the treatment center?  Is the treatment center located near public transportation if needed?
  • What do I need to bring with me to treatment?
  • What happens after the detox process is complete?

Overwhelmed by all of these questions? Don’t worry, Bright Harbor Healthcare has answers. We have been providing integrated programs for addiction, detox, and wellness since 1959. Thanks to our various treatment modalities, individuals have been able to successfully recover from their substance abuse and build better tomorrows for themselves.

There’s no need to Google “outpatient detox near me,” just contact Bright Harbor Healthcare today.