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Relaxing Day on the River Lady!

Fun, Food & Socializing for the Consumers of OceanMHS

The recreational activities that the OceanCares Foundation supports are for the consumers of OceanMHS. The River Lady trip has been setting sail in October for the last eight years with the consumers of SHARE (Supportive Housing Assistance to Reach Excellence)PATH (Progressive Assistance to Transition from Homelessness) and this year the BEACH program (Adult Residential Services) joined in on the fun as well.

These activities promote socialization rather than isolation, an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends, decrease depressive symptoms, improve comfort ability and confidence in a new group dynamics and have a positive impact while creating positive memories that will last a lifetime. Our staff and the Fun Activities Bonding Days provide our consumers with emotional strength, freedom from Social Stigma, companionship and an opportunity to share coping skills which are one of the most important factors in recovery and community integration.

This year 60 consumers, 15 staff and board members set sail under the gorgeous blue sky and enjoyed a relaxing cruise up and down the river. For more information on how the OceanCares Foundation supports the programs, services and invdividuals of OceanMHS you can visit: OceanCares.

If you or a loved one needs the services of Ocean Mental Health Services please call (732) 575-1111 or (877) 621-0445 or email