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Respect the Talent!

By John Condoleon “Mr. C.”, Instructional Paraprofessional


During the extended school year program at Ocean Academy, the students have been learning different aspects of drama. From improvisation to stage work, students have been engaged and having fun learning about drama and what it has to offer! Drama and acting allow students to break out of their shell and also assist them with overcoming fear of public speaking while simultaneously expressing their creativity!  Students have participated in games such as “Talk Show Expert” “Questions Only” and “Freeze Frame.” They have been activate participants and all have been welcomed contributors to our drama class. Along with the improv games, students have also been learning theater etiquette, as well as stage directions and going through the process of blocking and staging actual scenes from different shows (running dialogue, assigning parts, etc.)  Towards the end of our program, the students will create their own scenes and perform them based on what they’ve learned from the process! We’ve been having a great time!