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Senior Class Trip June 2017

By: Judith Crosta, Instructional Paraprofessional/Substitute Teacher


“This is a day I will always remember,” remarked one student on his return journey back to Ocean Academy. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Ocean Academy’s Third Annual Senior Trip, under the direction of Mr. Corbett, was a huge success. Arriving at Top Gun Paintball in Jackson NJ teams were chosen and the battle was on as two intense rounds of paintball ensued. The first round took place in the woods and the second at Legoland. At “The Alamo”,  the third round pitted students against staff but unlike the fate of the Alamo few casualties were had. Staff sat out for the last round where it was student against student and every man for himself.  While everyone competed fiercely for the title, many displays of comradely were evident reinforcing the unwritten senior motto “no matter what, we are family and watch out for each other.”  With speckles of green paint adorning  our clothes we headed back to the bus tired, full and  proud to be  “Ocean Academy’s  2017 Senior Class.”