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Senior Trip – The Amazing Escape Room!

By: Zach/Student

On Tuesday, June 5th, the seniors, Mr.Goldberg, Ms.Crosta, Ms.Teresa, and Mr. Corbett went to, The Amazing Escape Room, in Freehold for their senior class trip. When they arrived the seniors and OA staff split up into two teams each consisting of two staff and five students. Team Eitay wandered into the Wizard Room while team Zach ventured into the Apprentice Room. The Apprentice room had colorful and cryptic decour spread throughout  the room, all of it some sort of mysterious hint or clue leading to even MORE mysterious things. There were locks everywhere, everything had a lock. After figuring out clues, the teams were able to unlock hidden doors to other rooms which contain just as much mystery and wonder as the previous ones(and maybe even more). After successfully escaping the room, team Zach took some pictures boasting of their victory. Unfortunately, team Eitay failed to escape within the given time and Mr.Corbett forced them to don demeaning signs befitting their outcome and took a picture to record their defeat. After, they went to lunch at the Metropolitan Cafe just a few short minutes down the road and had a wonderful lunch. Everyone who went said that they had a splendid time and that it was a great lasting memory of OA.