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Spotlight on… Project Anchor

Project Anchor is a Partial Care Day Program that provides services to clients with a chronic mental illness. Throughout the day our clients attend structured groups designed to meet their individual needs. Groups range from Psycho-education about Mental Illness and Symptom and Illness Management, Copings Skills, Wellness in Recovery, Parenting, and Skills Training to Yoga, Crocheting, and Music Expression.

A profile of our clients: One of our clients who has been at Project Anchor since 2006, says “I learn something new everyday.” This client reported that he enjoys attending the Relapse Group because it teaches him how to maintain his sobriety. “Even though it’s been years since I had an issue, I still learn ways to maintain my recovery.” The client also reported he enjoys being able to interact with peers on a daily basis. Another client who recently started Project Anchor said “I feel loved and cared about, which is something I wasn’t able to feel as a child.” The client stated he feels very comfortable at Project Anchor because this is the first time he has been able to discuss things he has held in for so long. The client went on to say he enjoys being around the positive people at Project Anchor.

Our Staff: Using a team approach, our staff works with each client to tailor their treatment to meet their most comprehensive needs. Dr. Tank, our Program Psychiatrist, provides Medication Education and Medication Monitoring. Dr. Tank offers so much compassion and understanding for each client. She takes the time to help each one understand their medication and mental illness.

Project Anchor has 5 Case Managers: Stephanie Oliver, Andy Berfond, Margo Tyger, Nicole Schierer and Jamie Kaplarczuk. Each of our Case Managers carries their own caseload; they are responsible for groups, as well as act as advocates for our clients.  The Case Managers at Project Anchor take great pride in caring for our clients. They take the time to understand each client and assist them in reaching their chosen valued role. Suzanne Hamby is Project Anchor’s Administrative Assistant. Always with a smile on her face, Suzanne is the first person many of our clients see as they first enter our doors. Suzanne is always willing to take the time to assist our clients when needed.

Keeping our clients fed and happy is a big task; we are very fortunate to have Theresa Tevlin as our Cook. Theresa works very hard in the kitchen serving a light breakfast and making lunch for about 70 people every day. As part of Pre-Vocational Services offered at Project Anchor, several of our clients also assist in the kitchen.

The role of the Program Supervisor is to oversee the day to day functions of Project Anchor. Having been here for just about 2 months now, I am learning “there is never a dull moment in Partial Care.” Being responsible for keeping both clients and staff members safe, making sure everyone’s needs are met to the best of our ability, to advocating for our clients is a lot of responsibility, but I am enjoying every minute of it.  I can assure you we haven’t had “a dull moment”. And of course none of this is possible without the support and guidance of the Director of Adult Clinical Services, Stan Evanowski.

Finally, I want to say Thank You to our Clients and Staff. Our clients are absolutely the most caring, loving and talented people anyone would ever want to meet. A few days after I started we hosted the Open House for all the agency programs. I was amazed at how our clients were willing to help us prepare for the event by making favors and contributing their own brochures to explain mental illness, even volunteering at the event.

The Staff at Project Anchor offers so much compassion and dedication in helping clients achieve their goals to feel ‘normal’. Their efforts are more appreciated than they could ever be told.