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 Written by – Suleica and Jenn 



     Negative or a Positive


Black is a sign of misery,

Within my eyes black is a sign of mystery.

Show me what they can’t see.

Black doesn’t always have to define the dark side of me.

Imperfections / Betrayal

Black is a sign of evil,

It will bite the hand that feeds you.

But betrayal helps you grow,

Karma cries,

And you shall reap what you sow.

Imperfections / Lost

Black is a detachment,

You never know what you’re going to get,

The worst part about being it,

Is being along trying to face it.

But black isn’t all that bad,

Sometimes you gotta be lost before you can be found.

Imperfections / Forgiveness

Black is a scar that cut deep in my heart,

It started a wall that defined a big part.

Something you feel pain,

But forgiveness it there.

What does black really mean?

It can be anything anywhere.