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Take Us Out To The Ball Game Mr. Corbett! 

By: John Bernaski/Physical Education & Health Teacher, Alysha Simmons/ Instructional Paraprofessional

Take us out to the ball game Mr. Corbett!  Ocean Academy loaded up on the Magic School bus for the May 30th Blueclaws game against Greensboro Grasshoppers .  The students were excited for their chicken tenders, fries, and to watch a fantastic baseball game.  James D. took it upon himself to be the announcer of the game getting his fellow classmates riled up to cheer on the Blueclaws.  Our student’s also enjoyed exploring the stadium and seeing all of the attractions they have recently added.  Some of our student’s were lucky enough to get some treats like cotton candy!  While many of the staff and students were trying to avoid getting hit with the ball Eitay, with no fear, caught a foul ball and graciously passed it on to his classmate.  Another group of our students could be seen on the big screen playing the “bongos” and dancing.  It ended with a shutout victory against the Greensboro Grasshoppers!  Thank you Mr. Corbett for taking us to the ballgame!  We loved spending the day out of the classroom, and with the players.