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Trout Restock!

By: Kathleen Caffee/Science Teacher

Ocean Academy students and staff are thrilled to see our trout tank restocked!  A volunteer for the NJ Fish & Wildlife Agency, Paul Russo, was greatly welcomed into school with a bucket of fish.  Paul informed our students that the fish traveled from the only fish hatchery in our state, Pequest Trout Hatchery, which is 2 hours away.  As the fish took to our large tank, they seemed to appreciate the larger enclosure.  Students have already begun to name our new friends.Unfortunately it is very difficult to raise trout from eggs into the fingerlings that you see in the pictures.  Trout are very pollution sensitive and thrive best in cold, oxygenated waters that are usually found in the rocky stream-beds of northern New Jersey.  Thanks to the efforts of the NJ Fish & Wildlife agency and volunteers like Paul, students across the state are learning about this important indicator species.  Our students are certainly looking forward to observing our new fish as they grow!  Stay tuned for developments and our trout release this spring!