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By: Thomas Goldberg/History Teacher

Much of the motivation for moving out west in the United States during 1800’s was the opportunity to get rich quick by discovering valuable resources such as gold or silver.  Once a resource would found, many people flocked to the area so quickly that towns became “boomtowns” with rapid population and economic growth.  These towns grew so quickly that law enforcement services were unable to keep up with the rapid development.  Bandits and outlaws were able to roam free.  As a result, vigilantes stepped up to keep order in these towns until law enforcement services established themselves.

Students got the chance to create their own boomtown vigilantes, complete with back stories that touched on real historical events and locations of the time.  First, students wrote their vigilante’s backstory, then they added an original illustration of the vigilante to place in front of a printed background.  The layout for the project was based on Magic the Gathering cards, and with the help of Mr. Hayden the students were able to give the cards a marbled effect by swirling oil paint, mineral spirits, and water together and then placing the cards on the surface of the resulting mixture.  OA student creativity at its finest!