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Willow and Susan Goold

Get to know OceanMHS‘s newest team member Susan as she sat down with Willow in this get to know you interview!

When did you start working at OceanMHS?

I started at OMHS on Friday, March 4, 2021.  Three hours after I started this job, I found myself having lunch in a conference room with about 15 others and had great fun misremembering everyone’s name.

(Hi Deidre! No – there’s no Deidre here!)  It was a great ice breaker and I felt comfortable and welcome.

How did you learn about the job at OceanMHS?

I saw an ad for a position on that sounded interesting.  I wanted a job where I’d be helping people in some capacity to better their lives at the individual and community level. I had worked for lawyers most of my life and really wanted to make a change.

What do you love about working at OceanMHS?

I love everything about my job! The people, the office itself, the view out the office door of trees, water and the deck to catch a few minutes of sun.  It’s a lovely environment. My former co-workers and friends said I found the perfect company to work at considering my eagerness to want to be productive and help others. My fellow co-workers are all helpful, friendly and welcoming.  My boss, Kathy Greene, is an amazing font of institutional knowledge.  She literally has all the answers!  Totally awesome.  My office mates are fabulous too and never seem annoyed by any of my repetitive “new girl” questions.  I have to admit that having an 11 minute commute by car is still tickling my funny bone. I spent over 30 years commuting 1.5 – 3 hours EACH WAY in a bus whose windows didn’t open.  GAH!  Lastly, visits from Willow, therapy dog in training, brighten my day even more and make me extremely thankful to have been hired here!

What’s your role at OceanMHS?

As an Administrative Assistant, I wear many hats.  I could be creating a PowerPoint presentation or editing an Excel spreadsheet before running out to get half-n-half for the office refrigerator. Coffee is a necessity.  I might need to visit various program homes to assist in completing paperwork.  I particularly love interacting with the HUD consumers who need housing.  Some have been homeless or in otherwise compromised living accommodations for a long time and are so thankful to be told “call me anytime” when we are completing their rental applications. The more people I interact with, the more passion and commitment I see from all levels of administration and staff here at OMHS.