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Well Deserved Trip To Fireball Mountain!


By: Tom Goldberg, Instructional Paraprofessional/Substitute Teacher

The students of Ocean Academy worked very hard to earn the opportunity to go on a wonderful trip to Fireball Mountain where they enjoyed an action-packed day of laser tag!

Students and staff were split into two teams and got the chance to play numerous games with varying rules over the course of the visit.  The laser tagging was kicked off with a game of “elimination respawn” in which the team with the least amount of respawns was victorious.  The next games were “attack vs. defense” which involved the attacking team swarming the defending team in an attempt to defuse a bomb in the allotted amount of time.  If the bomb got diffused, the attacking team was victorious.  If not, the win went to the defending team.  The final round was an elimination game—the catch?  Staff vs. students! Unfortunately for the students, the staff brought their “A game”.

A fun time was had by all, as both staff and students spent the afternoon laughing with one another, while also breaking a sweat running around in the cold.  But perhaps even more importantly, the students got a hands-on lesson in teamwork.  Students quickly realized that if they wanted to win, they needed to effectively communicate with one another to formulate a winning strategy.   Truly a wonderful day!


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