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Art Brings Geometry To Life

By: Drennan Hayden/Art Teacher & Marie Cooper/ Math Teacher 

This week in geometry students combined techniques in drawing and painting to achieve some pop-art inspired results. Students illustrated a prism of their choice using rulers to maintain straight and parallel lines, as well as defined planes.Using basic illustration techniques students expressed a prism on a 2 dimensional surface. For the next step, we applied watercolor within the forms. Students learned proper watercolor technique, using professional style brushes and mixing paint on a palette. After we finished the watercolor, students painted with bright neon color utilizing the pointillism technique over the watercolor washes.The contrast of neon acrylic paint against a watercolor wash creates dynamic visual results. Students were engaged in the process and put forth an excellent effort. Pointillism requires great concentration and discipline; and these students performed in superlative fashion. The combination mediums and motifs helped us create dynamic pieces of art.  Great job by all those involved!