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The Bright Harbor Healthcare Billing Office

The Billing Office is located in the Administrative Services Offices of Bright Harbor Healthcare..
To contact the Billing Office:


The Billing Office Phone:
732-349-5550 – Option 7


Bright Harbor Healthcare, Attn: Billing Office
687 Atlantic City Boulevard Bayville, NJ 08721

The Billing Office is available from Monday – Friday, from 8 am – 4 pm


Frequently Asked Questions

During your initial visit to one of our counseling, mental health, or addiction treatment services, assessments are completed to determine your healthcare needs. You will then meet with your treatment team. Together, we will identify your goals and develop a plan to help you achieve them. Your initial visit will also include completing any necessary medical forms to ensure we can deliver the best care possible.

Note: Please remember to bring your insurance cards to every visit and present them to the billing office, front desk, or your treatment provider whenever there is a change.

During your initial visit, you will be required to complete a series of financial intake forms. Completion of these forms enables us to accurately determine your portion of the cost for services.  You will also be required to complete and sign authorization forms enabling Bright Harbor Healthcare to bill your insurance company on your behalf. Failure to complete and sign the authorization forms may result in your being liable for the total cost of the services rendered.  If you have Medicare, Medicaid, or other health coverage, you will need to provide the agency with your insurance card so that a photocopy can be made for billing purposes

Specific client charges for counseling, mental health, or addiction treatment services are determined by both the type and length of service being provided.  Each person receiving services is required to sign a Fee Agreement.  The Fee Agreement outlines the charges for the basic services we offer. You may be required to pay a coinsurance or a deductible amount if you have Medicare or private insurance.

Bright Harbor Healthcare requires that everyone pay all or some part of the cost of treatment received, if possible.  If you are experiencing financial hardship you can apply for a Discounted Rate which is based on variables such as gross household income, size, and assets.

If you are unable to pay your bill, you should contact the Billing Office at (732) 349-5550 to make payment arrangements. We will do our best to arrange a monthly payment amount that fits into your budget.

If your financial hardship warrants additional assistance, you can apply for a Discounted Rate.  You will be required to complete a discounted rate form and provide the following documentation to the front desk:

  • Proof of monthly income (pay stubs, unemployment determination, etc.)
  • Most recent monthly expenses
  • Any outstanding bills
  • Proof of mortgage/rent payments
  • Proof of outstanding medical expenses
  • Most recent bank statements
  • Disability/Social Security paperwork
  • A signed letter from the support that you are living with

A discounted rate can not be processed until all of the required information has been received.  Until such time you will remain responsible for the full cost. 

For specific charges to your account or to request an itemized statement of your account, contact the Billing Office at (732) 349-5550. Please be prepared to provide your account number, current address, and telephone number when you call.

If you have a question about your statement please call the Billing Office at 732-349-5550 or visit us at 160 Atlantic City Boulevard in Bayville.  Be sure to have the statement in question as well as all insurance information available.

Bright Harbor Healthcare accepts cash, checks, all major credit cards, or money order payments.  You can make a payment in person where you receive services or at our billing office at 160 Atlantic City Boulevard in Bayville.

Otherwise, please mail your check or money order, made payable to Ocean Mental Health Services, to:

Bright Harbor Healthcare
Attn: Billing Office
160 Atlantic City Boulevard
Bayville, NJ 08721

Bright Harbor Healthcare relies on our clients to provide accurate and up-to-date insurance information so that you and your insurance company are billed properly. You should be prepared to provide a copy of your insurance card(s) and complete and sign forms for each insurance company at your initial visit or as soon as feasible.  Anytime there is a change in your coverage, a copy of the new card and new forms should be completed. Having insurance is not a guarantee of payment.  If the billing office encounters difficulties in billing your account, you will be notified by phone or mail.  Please feel free to call the billing office at 732-349-5550 if you have any questions.

Medicaid beneficiaries should never receive a bill for a Medicaid covered service. 
If you are a Medicaid beneficiary and received a bill from Bright Harbor Healthcare, please call the billing office at 732-349-5550.

If you are receiving services at Ocean Mental Health you are responsible for:

  • Providing the Billing Department with all insurance cards (primary, secondary, etc.) upon receiving services and with any change to your insurance.
  • Informing the billing Department of any change to your insurance, your address, your phone number.
  • Informing billing of any change to your financial status if you have a fee reassessment.
  • Signing a Fee Agreement.
  • Signing all necessary billing forms including:
    • Authorization for assignment of benefits
    • Medicare Benefits information and payment form
    • 1500 Medicaid Form
  • Payment of all fees not covered by insurance or fee reassessment.
  • Payment of all co-pays and deductibles.
  • Forwarding payments made to you by your insurance company that should have been paid directly to Bright Harbor Healthcare.