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CREST and Crisis Stabilization


When facing a mental health and/or substance abuse crisis, it can be difficult to know where to turn. CREST can help you overcome your crisis and connect you to the ongoing services you need. CREST provides rapid access to short-term, recovery-oriented crisis services to address both crisis intervention and stabilization for adults with a mental health crisis. Our crisis services help people as they:

Their Crisis


Plan Their Ongoing Mental Health Needs

Please call the CREST program at 732-240-3760 “Option 1” for more information or to make a referral.

Crisis Stabilization

Similar to CREST, Crisis Stabilization provides recovery oriented crisis services to assist those struggling with a mental health and/or a substance abuse crisis. Crisis stabilization can work with an individual ongoing until the crisis has been resolved, and longer term treatment is established in the community.

Their Crisis


Plan For
Their Recovery

Please call the program at 732-240-3760 for more information or to make a referral.

CREST and Crisis Stabilization services are available via walk-in to our Toms River office, located at 409 Main St,
Toms River, NJ.

Crisis Diversion

When someone has sought emergency medical care due to a mental health crisis, the hospital medical team may refer them to Crisis Diversion. This program helps individuals with:

Assistance with navigating and accessing care systems and resources

Development of comprehensive treatment and care plans

Develop and
support systems


 As an intensive case management program, it is designed to reduce unnecessary psychiatric hospitalizations by providing stabilization and linkage in the community.

* Referrals for this program come through psychiatric emergency screening services throughout Ocean County.

PATH (Progressive Assistance to Transition From Homelessness)

Homelessness is a serious issue in our country. Depression, untreated mental illness, and post-traumatic stress disorder are major causes of homelessness. With PATH services, our caring staff can reach out to people who are homeless and have a mental illness.

Linkage to community mental health and housing services

Education and skill development on accessing services and benefits

Support and
case management services

If you are homeless and diagnosed with a serious mental illness, please call our Access Center at 732-575-1111 to make an appointment or a referral.

Community and Justice Support Services (CJSS)

Many community residents may find themselves struggling with the impacts of stress, hardship, anxiety, depression and substance use.  Such struggles can impact people’s lives, and even lead to unintended interaction with law enforcement and the legal system.  Many people who experience encounters with law enforcement may find themselves experiencing some of these struggles. CJSS is a specialized service designed to help community residents navigate these difficult times with the understanding, compassion and support they need.

CJSS provides community based support and services to assist each person in finding wellness, assistance and connection to needed support all in the hopes or reducing unwanted interaction with the legal and justice system.

If you are someone you know is experiencing such struggles, please reach out to CJSS for more information!   This program is open to all adult community residents who are experiencing emotional/mental distress, substance use issues and either have experienced interactions with law enforcement or believe there will be impending interaction with law enforcement due to the struggles.

Community Outreach Services and Support

Linkage to Psychiatric Evaluations and Medication

Collaboration with Law Enforcement, Court Systems, Probation and other Justice/Law Enforcement systems

Assistance accessing basic needs, community resources, financial resources/assistance

For More Information, Call: 732-240-3760, Extension 2