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How Outpatient Detox Works

As one of the top outpatient detox centers in NJ, we understand that connecting with others who are going through detox can provide much needed support and understanding. Outpatient detox is the process by which you are medically detoxed off of substances your body has become dependent on. The detox process and plan are developed by you, our Medical Doctor, Registered Nurse, and Clinician. Once this plan is developed, you will visit us daily for your treatment.  Relax in one of our comfortable recliners to watch tv or join one of the group sessions to connect with others.  Your medical team is on-site at all times to address and meet any needs you may have.

Addiction and Substance Abuse

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. Anyone can fall victim to substance abuse, regardless of age, gender, and ethnicity

 It used to be common belief that anyone struggling with substance abuse made the choice for themselves, continuing to use despite all the negative effects on their health, life, and family. Thankfully, modern medicine has proven this belief wrong.  

Addiction is a complex disease of the brain. Substance Use Disorder is a treatable medical condition, which balances brain chemistry and behaviors.  People impacted by Substance Use Disorder experience involuntary cravings, which leads them to seek out and use the substance despite the negative impacts on their health and life.  

It can be very difficult to stop using, often producing significant illness and discomfort when tried.  However, successful treatment is available for anyone needing assistance to discontinue substance abuse and treat their addiction.

Detox Centers in NJ

As one of the most prominent detox centers in New Jersey, we offer a holistic approach to outpatient detox. We use medical intervention to allow an individual’s body and brain to safely and comfortably stop physical dependence on substances. 

Additionally, we provide patients counseling in addition to recovery and family support as part of our detox process. At Bright Harbor Healthcare, our integrated approach allows patients to receive the long-lasting recovery support they deserve.

Addiction Doesn't Discriminate





Outpatient Detox Center Benefits

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your own time

Recover with
disruption to your
daily life

Upon completion, patients are given an aftercare plan including outpatient services.

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2020 Ocean County Opioid Statistics

213700+ Opioid
scripts dispensed

160+ Suspected
overdose deaths

625+ Naloxone (NARCAN) Administrations

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We are among the top outpatient detox centers in NJ. Let us help you make the journey to recovery and provide you with the tools and support to maintain it.


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