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Supportive Care Services

Adult Residential Services

At Bright Harbor Healthcare, Adult Residential Services are available for those with serious and persistent mental illnesses sometimes complicated by substance abuse. Our mental health and addiction treatment services offer numerous facilities and programs:

  • Anchor and Beacon House:  24 hour supervised group home setting. *


  • Chelsea House:  Enhanced Supportive Housing. *


  • WAVE (Wellness Assistance Valuing Excellence):  Medically Enhanced Supportive Housing.*(MESH)


  • BEACH (Building Empowerment to Achieve Community Housing): Supportive Housing for  Homeless persons or persons at-risk for homelessness.


  • SHARE (Supportive housing Assistance to Reach Excellence): Open to any individual who has a serious and persistent mental illness. This is for persons who are housed.   

Supportive Housing services are designed to assist persons with serious mental illnesses in maintaining independent housing in the community. The case managers provide the support needed in each person’s home environment. 

* Referrals for these programs come primarily from the State Psychiatric Hospitals.

Keeping Families Together

Keeping Families Together is a long-term program aimed to assist DCPP involved families challenged with homelessness/housing instability putting children at risk for out-of-home placement or delaying reunification. KFT utilizes a housing-first model to work with our families in obtaining stable, subsidized housing. 

The program focuses on the following to help families overcome the obstacles that prevent the family unity they desire.


Housing stability

Vocational counseling

Substance use services

Socialization and self sufficiency

Parenting skills

Strengthening families curriculum

Shore Haven

Shore Haven provides treatment and support for adults who have a serious mental illness with an addiction component. Mental health and addiction treatment program participants attend six (6) hours each weekday. Transportation arrangements can be made to accommodate program attendance.

Day Treatment Services exist for those people who find it difficult to maintain their lives in the community because of a behavioral health illness.

Our mental health and addiction treatment program is designed to help people understand their behavioral health illness and how it affects all aspects of life. We teach skills to support our participant’s ability to cope and discover ways to change the effect their challenges have on daily living.

We assist in connecting people to the community in a way that feels valuable to them while improving overall behavioral and physical health.

Programs in Assertive Community Treatment (PACT)

Programs in Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) is an evidence-based outreach program to help people with serious mental illness integrate into the community. Bright Harbor Healthcare provides PACT services to more than 160 people in all of Ocean County. The PACT program is a multidisciplinary team for persons with a serious and persistent mental illness.  A team consists of a psychiatrist, advanced practice nurse, nurses, clinicians, co-occurring specialists, vocational specialists, mental health specialists, and peer mental health specialists.

Bright Harbor Healthcare has two PACT teams

* Referrals to PACT come primarily from inpatient hospital units.