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Halloween Begins at OA

By: Charla Cole, Support Staff

It was another great day at Ocean Academy! The students took part in creating scarecrows as a project for their Art Infusion class. It was a great way to encourage team-building, creativity, and friendships. The students broke up into five assigned teams and were given all the materials needed to make the scariest, craziest, and most unique scarecrow they could come up with. It was very refreshing to observe and listen to all the problem solving, teamwork, and creativity that went into their scarecrow designs. In the end, six very different scarecrows were created and are beautifully displayed on chairs in front of the school. The students were extremely proud of their scarecrows and enjoyed being outside in the fresh, fall air. This was one of the many fun events we have planned for month of October, where the students will have plenty more opportunities to let their creative juices flow. The countdown to Halloween begins!
Fun Fact: While traditional, motionless scarecrows do work against “pest birds”, the effect is almost always temporary. Overtime, the birds get used to them being stationary and resume their destructive habits.